I live in Northern California near the Oregon border with my fuzz butt companion, a little Keeshond who keeps me going with her laughing face, sparkling eyes and playful antics. My facetious sense of humor is not always appreciated so I live a somewhat reclusive life, saving my wicked wit for the net and my “toons”.

I love my little Keeshond, Kalliope, computering, surfing the net and photo shopping political “Toons”, science, ancient history, the mysterious and unexplained, myths and legends and writing and illustrating my stories. I have several children’s books finished but have not found a publisher.

Born in the middle of the last big depression I somehow managed to survive it. Now, at 79 ½ years I am not sure I will survive this one or even through the winter unless I get some help.

More to come later.



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