Representative Steve King (R – IA). I can only assume that the R- IA really stands for REPUG IDIOT ASSHOLE!

I often go into a high school auditorium, or meet with people at even the K-12 level in their entirety, and I’ll tell them, you’ll be asked to answer one of the most profound moral questions of our age, and that is: ‘Where do you stand on the abortion issue?'”

He continued: “You have to pick an instant, and there’s only one instant, and that’s the instant at conception.”Representative Steve King (R – IA)



I wish to hell that waitresses and restaurants would get together and whenever one of these congressmen or anti-choice bastards orders a chicken dinner they get served an egg and see if they can then tell the difference!

If the damned repuglicans spent as much time trying to fix the shit they helped the Cheney-Bush crime cartel screw up as they do sticking their noses into women’s crotches there just migh be a little bipartisan cooperation to make things better for a change.

Considering how difficult and nearly impossible it is for repug males to control their little 3 inch appendage I find it extremely audacious for any of them to even consider advising any control of any kind over the female reproductive system or any other part of the female anatomy.

If you want to see all hell break loose just try to pass a bill to control any aspect of the male’s little weenie or ban any of the viagra or similar products (covered by Medicare while they try to make abortion illegal and not covered!) How about a bill to chop off any weenie that has fathered more than one child out of wedlock that he cannot or will not support so the taxpayers have to.

Why are men in prison allowed to marry and reproduce knowing that most of their wives and kids end up on Welfare?

If any of these bible thumping hypocrites ever read their book they would know that the old patriarchs of all bible history considered women to have little valute, less that a cow, goat or sheep and a fetus even less valuable than a woman! After all, isn’t it a biblical fact that ever since EVE, everything that goes wrong is in some way a woman’s fault? Now what insecure fundie god whisperer, jezuse freak would ever want to change THAT?

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

– Ben Franklin

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