“Krampus” Reveals – The “Evil” Origins of Christmas

Krampus Beats Them
And Santa Rewards Them
The Warning Lyrics
of a Familiar Christmas Song

“You better watch out”
“You better not cry”
“You better not pout”

Familiar Lyrics to a Popular Christmas Song
Show the Demonic Origins of Christmas.
Why the Stern Warning Lyrics ?

Many people are not aware of the fact that Santa Claus used
to have a companion that traveled with him each Christmas.
Many Europeans know about the “Devil-like” character that
puniished children – while Santa gave them goodies and treats.

Americans know the song – “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

But do they ever listen to the words ?   The words reveal
the secret past of Christmas that included “Krampus” – the
Horned god of December 25th that punished children if they
had been bad.  Hence the warning – “You Better Not Pout
You Better Not Cry – – You Better Watch OutI’m Telling
You Why —  and in the Old Days – the warning meant
that when Santa came to give gifts to the good children,
his evil helper – would give spankings and whippings to
the bad kids – who had been naughty all year.


Do “Naughty” Children
Get Punished at Christmas?
“KRAMPUS” and Santa


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