Santa Files Bankruptcy

WC was saddened to learn yesterday that Santa has filed bankruptcy. It’s true. One of WC’s less pleasant tasks involves bankruptcy court. WC was reviewing the paperwork in a bankruptcy case and there, in Schedule I, where it asks, “Occupation,” was written in, “Santa.”

Santa’s Schedule I

It was medical expenses that did the old boy in. Like a lot of us, he had trouble getting affordable medical insurance, and didn’t qualify for Medicare. When the various laboratories, clinics and radiologists started suing, Santa was left little choice but to file for Chapter 7.

WC asks all of the Teabagger, right wing politicians who are frothing at the mouth over health care reform, to keep Santa’s story in mind. To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, in his poem “The Wasteland,” at Part IV:

Oh, you who rail on health care
And act like windbags
Remember Santa, who was once as healthy and happy as you

The bankruptcy trustee reports no decision has been made on the fate of the sleigh or the reindeer.

Thousands of Elves are now out of work and homeless for the Holidays and indefinate future as Global Warming continues to melt their homeland at the North Pole.

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