Do you know what it is like to be old, alone and infirm and watch the Social Services and other Senior benefits being stripped of funds and shut down while bankers and wall streeters get billions in bailouts and bonuses and tax cuts? While Republicans are trying to shut down Social Security and Medicare they are still getting their AUTOMATIC cost of living raises and denying the same to Senior Citizens who are at the bottom of the barrel and seldom “ON THE LIST” for the goodies and handouts IF EVER. We were denied a cost of living increase in our Social Security this year with the explanation that THERE WAS NO INCREASE IN THE COST OF LIVING! I don’t know where they have been keeping their heads but I can most certainly imagine. Everything keeps going up every year without fail and the SS COL increase is never enough to cover the actual increases.

I have spent the last two winters juggling between heat or eat while freezing my old bones, and now the repugs are demanding still more money for the elite wealthy with the continuation of the Bush tax cuts for his wealthy cronies!

Everything I own is wearing out and breaking down and there is not enough money to replace them. Most of the services for low income seniors were underfunded or not funded at all under Bush and here in California our “terminator” governor helps himself to our SSI, any social service funds and anything else he wants every time he runs short of cash. But he had himself a nice photo-op in Los Angeles giving away a few Thanksgiving turkies. I didn’t have any turkey or Thanksgiving this year or last year and it looks like I won’t be celebrating any winter holiday this year again either.

In ancient times there was a torture called “THE DEATH OF A THOUSAND CUTS“. The republicans have developed and perfected a new version of it, “THE DEATH OF A THOUSAND BUDGET CUTS FOR THE POOR, THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED”. They have recently added 9-11 rescue workers and veterans to their “disposable people” list of cuts.

Do you GOP bible thumping hypocrites think that making life too unbearable for the elderly, disabled and ill to survive makes you any less guilty of causing their death than if you murdered them any other way?


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