Dear Mr. President,

Why do you continue to blow your chances of ever having a second term in office? You squandered your political capitol in the first two years by trying to reach across the table and have a bipartisan negotiations with ignorant racists who have stated publically that they would do whatever it takes to destroy you and anything you tried to do.

By your continued caving in to the GOPs mad dog demands you have made it virtually impossible for you to be elected to a second term. Don’t you realize that you are blowing the chances of any black or bi-racial person to ever be considered for the presidency of the USA ever again? Or any other position of consequence.

I am a caucasion woman, you know, that half of your heritage that you do not recognize or admit to. It is time you quit being Mr. Pansy and started fighting for the things you convinced us all that you would fight for when you were campaigning for office. If you can’t walk on water, get someone to show you where the stepping stones are!

Stop rewarding the wealthy, it didn’t work for Bush in Texas or in DC and it has not worked for you. We here at the bottom of the barrel on Social Security get just as cold and hungry as the top 2 percent of the bankers and wall streeters who get bail-outs and billions in bonuses and yet you and Congress couldn’t even give us a lousy cost of living increase two years in a row or even the small stimulus check of $250 you people discussed and then forgot about. 

Scream, yell, pound the table with a shoe, threaten the bastards back and call their bluff.  Let the world know that if there is no holiday money for the unemployed it is because of the bullies who would let the people starve rather than see you, Mr. President win another round however slight.

Stop being Mr. Nice guy and start no holds barred street fighting to win. If you don’t the repugs will continue to eat you alive and finish the job GW Bush started in destroying our country and perhaps the whole world.  Perpetual slavery for the working class!  Is that the legacy you want to leave for your daughters? 

In desperation,


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